Aerial is a project made in AGI15 at KTH. It is a game where you control an airplane by tilting your head via a smart phone. The goal of the game is to avoid space mangoes and fly through rings.

The goal of the project was to make a game that somebody who is paralyzed from the shoulders and down is able to play.


Using the gyroscope from the smartphone directly in the phone’s browser, we send the data to a server which propagates it to the viewer. The project is written with Javascript, (except for shaders) using node.js for the server part, socket.io for connections between units and mostly Three.js for the effects in the viewer.

The project was created in 3 weeks during the course “Advanced Graphics and Interaction” and was well received by the audience at the KTH VIC Open House where it was exhibited.


Aerial can be viewed here. Connect your phone to http://aerial.lindstrm.se/client. Calibrate the phone by pressing ENTER.


Anton Erholt

Git, Three.js, Maths & Require.js for modules.

Daniel Lindström

Gameplay etc.

Erik Dahlström

Particle System on the GPU.

Johan Huusmann

Blender & vertex morph of the airplane mesh.

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